What Is The Digital SAT?

The Digital SAT And What To Expect Though it has been available for international students since March of 2023, the College Board has recently announced that U.S. students will have access to the Digital SAT beginning in Spring of 2024. What Changes will I Expect ...

Can You Take The SAT After High School?

Why You Might Want To Take The SAT After High School There are many different reasons why you might want to take (or retake) the SAT after high school, but if you’re considering sitting for the exam, here are a few reasons why it might ...

Top Ten ACT Grammar Rules You Must Know

ACT Grammar Rules Necessary For The Exam While many think of the ACT as a “sciency” version of the SAT, scoring well on the ACT actually requires a strong understanding of the English language, from reading comprehension skills to being able to identify the flow ...

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