The Digital SAT And What To Expect

Though it has been available for international students since March of 2023, the College Board has recently announced that U.S. students will have access to the Digital SAT beginning in Spring of 2024.

What Changes will I Expect to see?

  • The Digital SAT will be adaptive: Each section (reading, writing, and math) will be divided into two modules. The first module (or the first half of a section) will have a set of questions for the students to answer. The students’ performance in the first module will determine the questions asked in the second module of each section. The adaptive nature of the digital SAT makes the tests shorter, adapts the test to the students specific needs, and makes for more secure testing.
  • Less Testing Time: Instead of the usual 3 hours of testing, students taking the digital SAT should expect 2 hours of testing, making the digital SAT shorter than the physical SAT. 
  • Scores Delivered Faster: The scores of the digital SAT will be sent to students and educators in a matter of days rather than weeks. This means that decisions regarding colleges can be made quicker for both educators and students.
  • Built-in Calculator: Students should expect to see a built-in calculator for the entirety of the math section. However, students are able to use a physical calculator of their own if they wish to do so.
  • Career Suggestions Based Upon Scores: Following the completion of the digital SAT, students should expect to find information regarding colleges, careers, and workforce training programs that are reflective of their digital SAT score reports.

What will be Staying the Same?

  • 1600 Scale: There will be no changes to the way that performance is measured on the digital SAT. IT will remain on the 1600 point scale. 
  • No Testing at Home: The digital SAT will not be given to students in their home environments, instead, the digital SAT will be administered to students at their schools or in a test center. Tablets or other devices will be provided for students who do not have their own device to test on.

The Best Time To Test

The best time to consider testing remains the same. Students should begin preparations for the SAT in the summer leading up to the start of their junior year of high school (typically in the Fall). This would make the high school graduating class of 2025 the first class to take the digital SAT in the United States.

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Starting in Fall of 2023, all students will begin taking the digital PSAT/NMSQT.

Thoughts On The New Digital SAT From A College Student

Reflecting on my past experience with the physical SAT and the general difficulty of the test, I am excited to hear that the CollegeBoard is taking an adaptive approach to the new digital SAT. I think that this new approach will not only be beneficial for students, of which many may not consider themselves ideal test takers, but for educators as well—as this new form of testing will allow educators to have a precise understanding of the students’ ability and competency with subjects.

The new digital SAT will help students achieve the best they can through their performance in the first module of each section, catering the questions in the following module upon their performance in the first. I think that this is a fantastic idea on the part of the CollegeBoard and will help students feel more confident in their testing ability. 

Having taken the physical SAT in 2018, I wish that the digital SAT was accessible to me at the time. I found the physical SAT to be difficult as it did not match my particular style of test-taking. The new digital SAT is certainly a step forward in the progression of fair test-taking for all students. 

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