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We are exceptional SAT and ACT tutors that develop a personalized strategy tailored to your child's strengths and weaknesses. Our founder Adam Shlomi had an 800 in Reading and 770 in Math on the SAT -- good for the 99th percentile on both sections, went to Georgetown University, and has been tutoring for five years. We also offer free tutoring to those in need — money shouldn’t stop someone from achieving their dreams. 

What We Do

SAT Tutoring & ACT Tutoring

We offer private SAT and ACT tutoring for both excellence and remediation. Working individually with students to identify their strengths and weaknesses, an expert SAT tutor will develop a unique test prep strategy to reduce text anxiety, improve timing, and review core concepts being tested. 

College Admissions Prep

We assist with the college application essay, financial aid, and college admissions. The college essay offers the chance  add a human element to the college admissions process. The FAFSA and CSS profiles are intimidating forms but can lead to a financial aid windfall. Lastly, we are here to help plan the path to your dream school. 

SoFlo SAT Scholarship

Our founder Adam was deeply upset by the college admissions scandal, especially as a Georgetown alum. So to address injustice and give back to the Broward and Miami-Dade communities, we are partnering with 10 high-schools to create the SoFlo SAT Scholarship - a free six week intensive SAT course. We encourage everyone to apply for the scholarship regardless of the grades, SAT/ACT scores, or finances. Learn more or apply here.

Our Founder

Adam Shlomi


Adam scored a perfect 800 in Reading and a 770 in Math for a total SAT of 1570


Adam previously worked at College Experts, a leading college preparatory center


Adam attended Georgetown University majoring in International Business and graduated from Cooper City High School 


Adam scored a perfect 800 in Reading and a 770 in Math for a total SAT score of 1570. Adam's scores for both tests are in the 99th percentile. Additionally, Adam was an AP Scholar with distinction and a National Merit Semi-Finalist.


Adam previously worked at College Experts, a leading college preparatory center in South Florida. He works with students preparing for Ivy League universities, first generation students, recent immigrants, and more.


Adam attended Georgetown University's Walsh School of Foreign Service and majored in International Business. Originally from the South Florida area, Adam graduated from Cooper City High School and is Cowboy Proud. 

What Students Are Saying:

Adam is the best tutor I've ever had! He really knew the material and took his time explaining concepts to me. He's also fun to sit down and study with, which is super important for me. I couldn't be happier with SoFlo SAT.

Charlotte Forman - Bard College

Because of Adam my score increased 8 points on the ACT. He pushed me hard and helped me reach my goals. That 8 point boost helped me earn thousands of dollars on scholarships! Adam is the best SAT Tutor in South Florida.

Jake Samuels - University of Florida


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