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ASM Scholarships

Our founder Adam Shlomi appeared on ASM Scholarships podcast to talk about SAT Prep, how to score a 1500+ on the SAT, and how a good SAT score can turn a good recruit into a great one. ASM Scholarships has 100,000+ followers on Instagram. Watch the podcast here.

YES Prep Public Schools

SoFlo Tutors created a free 4 week SAT class to help underserved  students in Houston achieve a college ready SAT Score. 30 students were able to boost their test scores by meeting twice a week with an instructor from SoFlo, completing our proprietary curriculum, and drilling practice tests. Partnerships with YES Prep allow SoFlo to have a social impact and help out those in need. Read the blog post here.

Adam Shlomi Featured the Hustle

The Hustle

The Hustle is Adam's favorite newsletter and he was honored to be featured about how he grew SoFlo into a 7 figure company from his bedroom while recovering from surgery. Read the story here.

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