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What Is The Bright Futures Scholarship Program?

History Of The Bright Futures Program  The Bright Futures Program is a scholarship program available and unique to Florida residents. The program was created in 1997 and passed by the Florida Legislature. Bright Futures is funded by the Florida Lottery, which has funded over 800,000 ...
Digital SAT

The Bluebook App, Devices, And The Digital SAT

Must-haves For The Digital SAT In order to take the Digital SAT, students will have to install the Bluebook Testing App on an approved device (more details below). What Is The Bluebook App? The Bluebook App is a downloadable application available for both Apple and ...

What Is The Digital SAT?

The Digital SAT And What to Expect Though it has been available for international students since March 2023, College Board has recently announced that U.S. students will have access to the Digital SAT beginning in spring of 2024. What Changes Will I Expect To See? ...

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