Adam Shlomi
Adam Shlomi is the founder of SoFlo SAT Tutoring. He scored an 800 on the Reading section and 770 on Math -- good for the 99th percentile on both sections, went to Georgetown University, and has 5 years of tutoring experience
    Is AP English Language Hard? AP Exams

    Is AP® English Language Hard?

    What is the AP® Lang Exam, how I got a 5, and why it matters — everything you need to know to study for the AP® English Language Exam. “Eminent domain, chicken lo-mein, Eminem’s rap game. What do these three things have in common? They ...
    Online Virtual Classroom for SAT Prep Tutoring SAT/ACT Prep

    The Best Remote SAT Prep Tutoring

    7 Reasons why SoFlo Tutors are the best remote SAT Prep Tutoring Almost all students could use a little support in a certain subject or a little extra work outside of class to brush up on the SAT and subject tests. For students looking to ...

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