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Emily Moon is an expert SAT & ACT tutor at SoFlo Tutors. Emily studies Communications and Consumer Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. She was a National Merit Scholar in high school, scored a 1580 on the SAT, and scored an 800 on the SAT Literature Subject Test. She keeps busy writing music articles for 34th Street Magazine or writing social media copy for the Institute of Contemporary Art. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, painting, or playing the guitar.

Can You Take The SAT After High School?

Why You Might Want To Take The SAT After High School There are many different reasons why you might want to take (or retake) the SAT after high school, but if you’re considering sitting for the exam, here are a few reasons why it might ...

How to Prepare for the SAT Writing Section

About the Writing Section Every SAT administered by the College Board has four sections: Reading, Writing, Math (no calculator), and Math (with a calculator). The Writing section consists of 44 multiple choice questions that students must answer in 35 minutes. Although the number of questions ...

How to Change SAT Test Date in 2021

Is Changing the SAT Test Date Possible? For many students, their SAT test date is one that they can’t stop thinking about until it’s finally here. However, life can get in the way for a variety of reasons, and students might need to change their ...
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Is Algebra 2 Harder than Geometry

How hard is Geometry? Geometry is the study of shapes, as well as their sizes, angles, and dimensions. Typically, in high school geometry courses, students are introduced to formal proofs, in which they must demonstrate logical reasoning through application of math laws. Through a series ...

Should I Retake the SAT if I scored a 1500?

Scoring a 1500 on the SAT is no small feat, and students should feel proud of themselves for achieving a score just 100 points away from the perfect 1600. However, some students looking to apply to extremely competitive universities might consider retaking the SAT in ...
Is the May SAT Easier? Text and colorful blog post SAT/ACT Prep

Is the May SAT easier?

No. There is no test date that is easier than any other test dates. Some exams may have more or less generous curves. But students can not predict which exams will be easier and which exams will be harder.  Equating and Standardization The College Board ...

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