What Is An ACT Superscore

A Superscore is a sort of cherry-picking option. If a student has taken more than one ACT test, they can pick their best scores from each of the four subjects and combine them all into a composite Superscore. This way, only their best results can be considered together. Here is an example of how a Superscore gets made. 

Say on TEST 1, I scored a 26 on Math, 24 on Science, 27 on English, and a 30 on Reading. Then on TEST 2, I scored a 28 on Math, 27 on Science, 31 on English, and a 26 on Reading. The Superscore would draw from both of these tests, building a new score of the best scoring for each subject. It would look like the following: Math 28, Science 27, English 31, Reading 30. 

Thus, the Superscore option displays one’s best work. In this blog, I will go over the incentive that colleges have to Superscore and whether all colleges accept ACT Superscores. I will then go over some basic preparation advice for the ACT and applying to colleges.

Do All Colleges Allow For The Submission Of Superscores? 

This simple answer is no. Superscoring is not universally accepted across all colleges and universities. Some colleges only accept the score of one ACT test the student took. But why do some colleges offer Superscoring, then, and not all?

Why Do Some Colleges Allow For Superscoring?

Superscoring can reflect positively on the institution’s overall student-body statistics. If it is the case that those students you are admitting are able to Superscore, then you are likely to have a higher average ACT score across the entirety of that admitted student body. This is good for university rankings as they reflect better on potential student outcomes.

What Institutions Allow For The Submission Of An ACT Superscore as of 2023?

The following list includes most colleges which allow for students who are applying to use a Superscore for the ACT. However, you should always check the admissions requirements prior to applying (even if the university is on the list). If you’re wondering about colleges that Superscore the SAT, check out this article.

  1. Albion College
  2. Amherst College
  3. Auburn University at Montgomery
  4. Austin College
  5. Babson College
  6. Baylor University
  7. Bates
  8. Beloit College
  9. Bowdoin
  10. Brandeis
  11. Bryn Mawr College
  12. Butler
  13. Claremont McKenna College
  14. Colby
  15. College of the Holy Cross
  16. Colorado College
  17. Columbia University
  18. Connecticut College
  19. Cornell
  20. Davidson College
  21. Denison
  22. DePaul University
  23. Dickinson College
  24. Drexel
  25. Duke
  26. Duquesne University
  27. Eckerd College
  28. Elon University
  29. Georgia Tech
  30. Grinnell College
  31. Hamilton COllege
  32. Harvey Mudd
  33. Haverford College
  34. Hawai’i Pacific University
  35. Hendrix College
  36. Hollins University 
  37. Indiana University Bloomington
  38. Ithaca College
  39. Johns Hopkins
  40. Kalamazoo College
  41. Kenyon College
  42. Kettering University
  43. Lafayette College
  44. Lawrence University
  45. Lehigh University
  46. Loyola University Maryland
  47. Miami University
  48. Middlebury College
  49. MIT
  50. Millsaps College
  51. NYU
  52. Northeastern
  53. North Carolina State University
  54. Olin College
  55. Pitzer
  56. Pomona College
  57. Purdue
  58. Regis
  59. Rhode Island School of Design
  60. Rochester Institute of Technology
  61. Saint Mary’s College
  62. Seattle University
  63. Seton Hall University
  64. Spring Hill College
  65. Stanford
  66. Syracuse
  67. Texas Christian University
  68. Towson University
  69. Trinity College
  70. Trinity University
  71. Troy University
  72. Tufts University
  73. University of Alabama
  74. University of Arkansas
  75. University of Chicago
  76. University of Colorado, Boulder
  77. University of Connecticut
  78. University of Dayton
  79. University of Delaware
  80. University of Denver
  81. University of Georgia
  82. University of Maryland
  83. University of Mary Washington
  84. UMass Amherst
  85. University of Miami
  86. University of North Alabama
  87. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  88. University of North Texas
  89. University of Pennsylvania
  90. University of Pittsburgh
  91. University of puget Sound
  92. University of Rhode Island 
  93. University of Rochester
  94. University of South Florida
  95. University of Tampa
  96. University of Tennessee
  97. University of Vermont
  98. University of Virginia
  99. University of Washington
  100. Vanderbilt University
  101.       Valparaiso University
  102. Vassar College
  103. Villanova University
  104. Virginia Commonwealth University
  105. Virginia Tech
  106. Wake Forest University
  107. Washington and Lee University
  108. Wesleyan University
  109. Western Michigan University
  110.       West Point US Military Academy
  111.       West Virginia University
  112.       Wheaton College
  113.       Williams College
  114.       Xavier University

Tips For Applying To Colleges that Superscore The ACT

If you are applying to an academic institution, whether it be a college or university, and you wish to apply somewhere that takes a Superscore, then there are several steps that you can take to ensure that you have the best chances of admission. Here are some tips:

  1. Research: Now, if you are set on using an ACT superscore in order to apply for admission into some particular educational institution, then it is important that you pick institutions that will accept a Superscore. The list I have provided in this blog serves as a rough guide to those institutions, but, just as all other things in life, the list is subject to change. When you pick a prospective university, one should examine their admissions requirements page to see if they accept an ACT Superscore.
  2. Practicing For The ACT: If you are depending on a Superscore for meeting that requirement of admissions, then it is best that you get the highest score possible. What are the best ways to ensure you are putting in the necessary time and effort into getting the best possible score? Practicing the relevant material. It would be wise to take practice ACT exams frequently so that you familiarize yourself with both the mechanics and the content of the text. It would be even better to organize a meeting with a tutor, such as those we offer at SoFlo, so you can pinpoint weak areas and bring them to light through guided practice. Finally, you should learn hacks, tips, and strategies to ace each section.
  3. Make Yourself A Well-Rounded Candidate For Admissions: If you are going to submit a Superscore to the college admissions team, that is all good and merry. If it gives you the best chance at getting in, then I encourage you to do so. However, you should not rely solely on a good Superscore (or any Superscore) as the only thing that will guarantee you admission. It is unlikely that you will be admitted based on a good Superscore alone. It is important to make yourself well-rounded, to have a good college essay (which our tutors can help you with as well), good grades on your transcript, and to develop all other items that are necessary for satisfying admission requirements.

SoFlo Tutors: Your Assistants In Obtaining The Highest ACT Scores

Are you ready to begin your preparations for the ACT and get the highest score you dream of? Then, check out our team of talented tutors here at SoFlo for expert help in getting the practice, and preparations, you need. All of our tutors attend high-ranking universities within the United States, and have familiarized themselves with the content of the SAT.

Our tutors will work with you to identify and improve your weaknesses on particular sections of the ACT to help improve your understanding and comfort with the material to get you a higher score than ever before! We know your time is valuable, that’s why our tutors work around your schedule whether it be after school, or before, we will find an availability that works for you! Check out our tutoring services here to book a session.

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