SoFlo Tutors SAT & ACT Scholarship

SoFlo Tutors awards free SAT & ACT prep to underserved students. This competitive scholarship offers an 8 session SAT group class and SoFlo's proprietary curriculum to help students raise their scores through test strategy and exam fundamentals. 


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Scholarship Winners Receive

8 Session Group Class

Meet with an SAT expert to ask questions and learn testing strategy for each section of the exam. The class meets twice a week for the four weeks leading up to the exam.

SoFlo Curriculum

Normally SoFlo's curriculum is only shared with students who pay for 1-on-1 tutoring, but scholarship winners have full access to our recorded video explanations and test bank.

Free Practice Exam

Scholarship recipients will take a free practice exam so they can better prepare for the real SAT. This practice test also helps students track their score improvement over time.

Over $1000 Value

The SoFlo Scholarship is a $1000 value. Winners will receive 8 sessions of SAT Prep plus access to our curriculum bank. A comparable course at the largest test prep companies costs $1100.

Why Create a Scholarship

Adam Shlomi created the scholarship in response to the College Admissions Scandal

I went to Georgetown University, and I created the SoFlo Scholarship Program in response to the college admissions scandal that impacted schools like Georgetown.

I did not need to cheat my way into college. I worked hard to get good grades, have nice internships, and achieve a 99th percentile score. However, I had the privilege of expert SAT tutoring to help me study. Without that, I might not be in the position I am today.

The college admissions process is in trouble, and the anger toward people like Rick Singer and Lori Loughlin, who cheated, is indicative of a larger societal frustration. SoFlo is a mission driven company that is able to make the difference for hard-working students who cannot afford it. Through our scholarship program, we seek to ensure that all students, regardless of financial background, can have access to the elite test prep they need to achieve their dreams.

Adam Shlomi, Founder SoFlo Tutors

How To Apply


Spend ~15 minutes completing the online scholarship application answering questions about your academic history and future goals. 


Winners will be notified via email one week before the class starts. Students who are not selected for the scholarship with not be notified.


Students will enroll in the course online and pay a $5 entrance fee as a way to affirm commitment. The $5 will be returned when the course is completed.


Get busy working! Students will meet often and work hard to improve their score. Studying is like going to the gym. If you put in the work, you will get strong.

Dates and Deadlines

Application Deadline

First Class

Target Test Date

Meeting Times

July 20, 2024

July 22

Aug 24

Mon & Thur 6-8 PM EST

August 29, 2024

Sept 5

Oct 1

Mon & Wed 6-8 PM EST

October 3, 2024

Oct 10

Nov 5

Mon & Wed 6-8 PM EST

October 31, 2024

Nov 7

Dec 3

Mon & Wed 6-8 PM EST

February 6, 2025

Feb 13

March 11

Mon & Wed 6-8 PM EST

April 3, 2025

April 10

May 6

Mon & Wed 6-8 PM EST

May 1, 2025

May 8

June 3

Sat & Sun 4-6 PM EST

What If I Don't Get the Scholarship? 

The scholarship is competitive and not every applicant will win. 

SoFlo offers expert 1-on-1 tutoring with reasonable pricing and no long-term contracts. Our proven 3-step tutoring system has helped thousands of students raise their SAT scores.

SoFlo SAT & ACT Tutoring in 3 Steps


Diagnostic Test
  • Students will start with a diagnostic test so we can assess their strengths and weaknesses before starting SAT test prep.
  • We will identify their specific issues — maybe they’re forgetting the slope formula, confused by the question wording, or struggling with timing.
  • This 2 hour diagnostic test will help us pinpoint the specific problem challenging the student. 

The diagnostic test does not cost us anything to give out, so we do not charge for it.


Tutoring Sessions
  • We will create a unique  tutoring strategy centered around your child that teaches the core concepts and tricks of the test.
  • Your tutor is a test expert who scored in the 99th percentile on the exam and has an elite academic background.
  • This SAT test prep strategy is applied weekly during a two-hour Zoom session scheduled at your most convenient time.

Tutoring is $75/hr and there no contracts or long term obligations


Practice! Practice! Practice!
  • We assign 1-2 hours of real SAT tests that we have access to for homework to ensure students are practicing the test outside of tutoring sessions.
  • During tutoring sessions we will turn the mistakes from homework into learning opportunities.
  • Studying is like going to the gym: if you put in the work, you will get strong.

We do not charge homework, curriculum, or credit card fees. 

Apply For the SAT Scholarship

SoFlo is looking to help a diverse group of students and thus we encourage all students to apply regardless of GPA, past SAT scores, or financial need. The application consists of basic contact information, current academic standing, and an optional short response portion.

Frequently asked questions

SoFlo Tutors

How competitive is the scholarship?

Every year, we accept hundreds of students to participate in our free SAT group class. While we receive many applications, we do our best to accept as many students as possible. We look for students who will benefit from our program, so we accept many lower- and medium-scoring students, who have lots of room to improve.

What does the application consist of?

The application takes about 10-15 minutes. We start by asking for the contact information of the student and parent. Then, we learn about your academic history and past test scores. At the end of the application, there is an optional short personal statement that we recommend students complete.

I missed the application deadline. What should I?

If you missed the application deadline but have an upcoming SAT test, we recommend reaching out to learn about SoFlo's affordable SAT cram courses that have a money back guarantee. Click here to schedule a call to learn more about SAT cram courses.