Free Textbook: A Complete Guide to the SAT

In this free online textbook we share our #1 SoFlo secret for boosting SAT scores. Plus we teach tricks for every section of the test: Reading, Writing and Math. If you want to increase your score, you NEED this book 


What’s Inside the Class?

SoFlo's Biggest Secret

We've shared our most important SAT Prep strategy. We recommend every single paid SoFlo student follow this strategy, and now we are giving it away for free. Shhh, don't tell. 

1 Page Cheat Sheet

At the end of the book is a one page cheat sheet with our most important tips for each section, so if you're too busy to read the whole thing you can walk away with our key points. 

SAT Tricks for Every Section

We teach tricks to improve your score. The highlights are question types for the reading section, grammar rules for the writing section, and plug-in tricks for the math section. 

About the Authors

Stacie Hartman

Stacie Hartman comes from Georgetown University where she studied international politics and economics. Originally from Massachusets, Stacie has worked at the U.S. State Department, consulted for interned non-profits, and worked in the U.S. Senate. She hopes to one day attend law school and work in international affairs.

Charlie Carter

Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, Charlie Carter comes from Georgetown University where he studied Global Business. Along with being a SoFlo tutor, Charlie is a consultant for Hilltop Consultants. He's focused on helping students overcome testing anxiety so they can reach their SAT dreams. 

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