The SAT admission ticket is your way into the testing center and the only way you’ll be able to take the SAT and receive your score, so it’s the most important item to have with you before you take the test. 

Everyone needs to bring their SAT admission ticket when they take the exam, meaning you should take care to follow the instructions on how to print one out. In this article, we’ll go over all the details of what your ticket should look like and how to print it out so you’re prepared for the exam. 

SAT Admission Ticket Example

Example of SAT admission ticket

All SAT admission tickets will include some of your personal information, as well as important information about your testing center and any accommodations you may have. 

It should look similar to the example above, and you will need to print it out and bring it to your test center on the day of the SAT.

Why do students even need an admissions ticket? The admissions ticket is the College Board’s protection against cheating, as it makes sure the person taking the exam is the one registered for it. Since the College Board is trying to verify the identity of test-takers, they require a photo on your admissions ticket – and they have multiple requirements about which photo you include, which we’ll go over in the next section!

Requirements For SAT Ticket Photo

The photo you upload to your admissions ticket is the same one that test center staff will use to compare your photo ID with. Choosing the right picture of yourself can seem complicated, especially because the College Board states that if the photo you upload doesn’t meet the listed requirements, you won’t be allowed to take the test. However, don’t worry! It just needs to be a well-lit picture of yourself, including your shoulders and head.

You can take the picture with a camera or just your smartphone – you can also upload files of yourself from your photo albums or Facebook. Keep in mind that these files must be in one of the following formats: .jpg, .gif, or .png. Otherwise, you won’t be able to upload it to the College Board website. 

For more specific requirements, remember:

  • You must be the only one in the picture
  • There are no shadows covering your face or obscuring your image
  • You are in focus, and your head and shoulders are included

Black and white pictures are accepted, as long as they follow the above criteria. Additionally, those who wear head coverings for religious purposes shouldn’t worry about whether or not it will affect their photo eligibility: religious head coverings are okay! 

However, other things like sunglasses or accessories like hats are not accepted. Digitally altering your appearance with filters and other editing tools is also not allowed.

Visit the College Board’s official website in order to see examples of acceptable and non-acceptable photos!

How To Print SAT Admission Ticket

Be sure to print a physical copy of your SAT admission ticket, as pulling it up on your phone will not be accepted when you try to enter the test center.

Here are the steps to print your admission ticket:

  • Visit the College Board website
  • Click on the ‘My SAT’ page
  • Click on ‘Print Admission Ticket’
  • Verify your details and information and then print

If you don’t have a printer in your home, don’t worry. Some alternatives could include asking a friend with a printer to help you out, visiting your local library, or asking a teacher or guidance counselor.

Can The SAT Ticket Be In Black And White?

Yes, your SAT admissions ticket can be printed in black and white, as long as all the information is still visible and you can still be identified from your picture.

Changing Your Personal Information 

To change personal information, it’s an easy fix! Log onto the College Board website and find ‘My SAT.’ You will be able to change your personal information at any time until the Monday before your test date. 

Once you correct your personal information, however, make sure you reprint your new ticket to ensure that it is up to date and accurate. Remember, this is what the test center uses to verify your identity — so if something is different between your ID and admissions ticket, you might have trouble getting into the testing center.

What To Bring On Test Day

Remember, you will not be able to take the SAT without your admissions ticket. Remembering to pack your ticket is the first step to a smooth test day, but it’s not the only thing you need to bring! 

Alongside your admissions ticket, you must bring:

  • An acceptable photo ID
  • Number 2 pencils with erasers
  • An approved calculator

The SAT is already stressful enough, so making sure to pack your bag the night before can make all the difference. Having all of your essentials, like the admissions ticket and a valid photo ID, ahead of time will put you at ease and avoid the frantic morning scrambling. It’ll also make sure that you won’t forget the things you absolutely need to bring to be let into the building!

If you do forget your admission ticket or photo ID, ask a parent or nearby friend if they could bring it to you. If you aren’t able to receive your items in time for the exam, you will need to reschedule for a new testing date.

Alongside all of your required items, you might also want to consider bringing some other things to make your test taking experience better, including: 

  • Water or some snacks – the SAT lasts around three hours, so you might want to pack these for the length of the test
  • Extra pencils
  • Jacket or sweater 
  • Watch that does not make noise

For a more comprehensive list, check out this article of everything you might need to take the SAT.

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