Top Ten ACT Grammar Rules You Must Know

ACT Grammar Rules Necessary For The Exam While many think of the ACT as a “sciency” version of the SAT, scoring well on the ACT actually requires a strong understanding of the English language, from reading comprehension skills to being able to identify the flow ...

How To Practice For The ACT Science Section

Ace The ACT Science Section Preparing for the ACT is an important undertaking for high school students, and it takes time and effort to successfully get through this standardized test prep. The time invested should be spent in practicing weaker areas of the exam. This ...

What Time Does The ACT Start? | ACT Starting Time

So you’ve spent lots of time preparing for the ACT, taking practice tests, and studying nonstop. The If you are a student going through the college admissions process, you’re probably taking ACT or SAT at some point in high school. While some schools, like New ...

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