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    What Is The Digital SAT?

    The Digital SAT And What To Expect Though it has been available for international students since March of 2023, the College Board has recently announced that U.S. students will have access to the Digital SAT beginning in Spring of 2024. What Changes will I Expect ...
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    What Digital Marketing Strategies Do Universities Use?

    Digital Marketing Strategies Used By Colleges Unlike the old times, when universities were present in a very scarce amount, Nowadays nearly every city has a university in it. Competition has increased tremendously and so has the standard of education that students want to obtain. Higher ...

    What Do Colleges Look For In Students

    What applicant qualities matter to colleges Preparing for college is equally exciting and nerve-wracking for high school students. Although stepping forward into the next chapter is something to look forward to, many might wonder what colleges look for as they make their admissions decisions. College ...

    Can Colleges See How Many Times You Take The SAT?

    If you’re like most college-bound high-school students, you will wind up taking the SAT multiple times in order to achieve your highest possible score—the number that represents the best display of the academic abilities you’ve worked so hard to sharpen. It’s therefore natural to wonder ...

    5 Tips for Studying Smarter

    Studying Smart vs. Studying Longer “Study smart, not hard” is one of the most popular bits of advice offered to students, but what does this actually mean? And how does it differ from just spending more time studying? The best approach to comprehend the differences ...
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    Top Ten ACT Grammar Rules You Must Know

    ACT Grammar Rules Necessary For The Exam While many think of the ACT as a “sciency” version of the SAT, scoring well on the ACT actually requires a strong understanding of the English language, from reading comprehension skills to being able to identify the flow ...

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