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    How long is each section of the SAT?

    When preparing for the SAT or any other standardized tests, the time constraints of the exam in question are always one of the primary concerns and areas of focus in preparation. As a result, many students who are preparing for the SAT may find themselves ...
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    What GPA Will an Ivy League Accept?

    You’ve been told that you need more than just a perfect GPA to get into college- that you need to be well-rounded and participate in lots of extracurriculars. But then just how important is your GPA, especially to top schools? What is GPA really? GPA, ...
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    Should I Get an ACT Tutor for the Reading Section?

    At first glance, the ACT Reading section seems like a breeze. What’s so hard about reading passages and then answering a couple questions about them? Many students, however, find the Reading section to be unexpectedly challenging.  Why do students struggle with ACT Reading? Dense and ...
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    Which SAT Practice Test is the Hardest

    There are 8 practice SAT exams offered through the College Board’s official website. These tests offer students the opportunity to simulate what taking the actual test is like, and to get an idea of what their SAT score might be. But just like with the ...
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    Should You Get an ACT Tutor?

    So you’ve signed up to take the ACT. Naturally, the next step is to ask, “How should I prepare?” There is no single answer to this question. Some students charge straight ahead and take matters into their own hands, designing their own study programs and ...
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    What are the Best ACT Prep Books?

    When studying and preparing for the ACT, or any other standardized test, prep books can be an incredibly valuable resource. Prep books for the ACT, and other such standardized tests, often contain valuable information about the format, structure, and style of the ACT (or another test ...
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    How to Calculate Your SAT Score

    Although the SAT is broken up into four sections, it is only scored based on two categories: the Math section and the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Section. The maximum score for both of these sections is 800, creating a maximum composite score of 1600. The ...
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    The Best SAT Prep Cram Camps

    What is the best way to study for the SAT? With so many test prep options available, it’s hard to decide which option is right for you. One route many students take is attending an SAT prep camp—also known as an SAT boot camp or ...

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