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    How To Determine How Many AP Classes To Take

    How Many APs Should I Take In High School? Advanced Placement, or AP classes are intro-level college courses following a standardized College Board created curriculum offered at many high schools nationwide. These classes are often accelerated in nature, and designed to prepare you for a ...
    College Prep

    What’s The Highest GPA Possible And How To Get It

    What Is The Highest GPA You Can Get In High School When thinking about your next steps after high school, GPA is equally as important as SAT Testing, extracurriculars, and volunteer work. Colleges will be particularly interested in this one number because your GPA reflects ...
    SAT/ACT Prep

    How Many Questions Are On The ACT Test In 2022?

    How Many Questions Is The ACT Test? When taking the ACT, it’s important to know how many questions are on each section. Knowing how much time you have per question is important for preparing, especially if you want to practice your time management skills. Here’s ...
    SAT/ACT Prep

    What Does ACT Stand For?

    Activated Clotting Time? Maybe in a medical setting but… ACT Test Meaning Explained The ACT, which stands for American College Test, was created as an alternative to the SAT. Though the SAT currently surpasses the ACT in terms of test-takers, the ACT did reign supreme ...
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    PSAT vs SAT | Is The PSAT Easier Than the SAT

    PSAT vs SAT: Key Differences And Similarities So there’s the SAT, the standardized multiple choice test used as a factor in college admissions. But then there’s also the PSAT. What’s that about? What’s up with the extra P in front? What difference even is there ...
    SAT/ACT Prep

    The 71 ACT Math Topics You Need to Know

    Just About Everything You Need to Know for the ACT Math Section We can never know what exactly is going to be on the ACT Math section, but each test draws from a similar bank of concepts and terms. This is great news, because it ...

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