Best AP Statistics Review Books 2022

Knowing which AP Statistics review books are worth your time (and money!) can be tricky, especially when teacher recommendations and the reviews left by your fellow high school students are contradictory. Content review is important, and a good study plan supplemented by practice exams will make all the difference when test day rolls around. 

Keep reading to learn about the AP Statistics test structure, calculator guidelines, and top prep books to get one step closer to a high score on the 2022 AP Statistics Exam. 

AP Statistics Exam Format

The AP Statistics Exam is divided into two distinct sections, each worth 50% of your total score. For the first section, you’ll have 90 minutes to answer 40 multiple-choice questions. For the second section, you’ll have 90 minutes to answer 6 free-response questions. According to the College Board, the free-response section is organized like this: 

  • 1 multipart question with a primary focus on collecting data
  • 1 multipart question with a primary focus on exploring data
  • 1 multipart question with a primary focus on probability and sampling distributions
  • 1 question with a primary focus on inference
  • 1 question that combines 2 or more skill categories
  • 1 investigative task that assesses multiple skill categories and content areas, focusing on the application of skills and content in new contexts or in non-routine ways

For the exam, you’ll need a four-function calculator, graphing calculator, or scientific calculator that is capable of doing the statistical calculations that appear on the test. The calculator you use in class should be fine, but to be sure your calculator meets the College Board guidelines, click here.  

Criteria for Selection

To establish a reliable list of AP Statistics prep books, we looked for the inclusion of full-length practice tests, the involvement of actual statistics experts and teachers, and reviews from students who used these books to prepare for their own AP Statistics exams. 

No book is perfect for every student, so think about your practice preferences as you sort through the list – do you like to work for short periods of time every day, or do you prefer long study sessions after school or on weekends? Do you prefer to work on paper or online? Thinking carefully about your learning style will ensure you end up with the perfect book for you. 

Onto The Recommendations

Below, find the 5 best AP Stats review books for preparing for test day. 

#5 – The Time Saver

AP Statistics Crash Course: Get A Higher Score in Less Time

  • Available for $14.95 on Amazon, this book will save you precious time (and sleep!) by prioritizing the content that will actually appear on the exam. 
  • Designed by AP Statistics teachers who know the best strategies for excelling on the exam, AP Statistics Crash Course markets itself as “perfect for the time-crunched student, the last-minute studier, or anyone who wants a refresher on the subject.” 

Drawbacks: this book gives you access to one mini-test in the physical book and only one online test; if you learn best by testing yourself, this may not be the book for you. 

Buy this book if you: tend to procrastinate and hope to save money. 

#4 – The Tried And True

Barron’s AP Statistics Premium

  • A longtime favorite amongst teachers and AP Statistics test-takers, Barron’s AP Statistics Premium costs $17.99 on Amazon and includes 9 practice tests to help you gauge your future score and determine which types of practice questions you should focus on. 
  • Barron’s is structured so that you start test prep with a diagnostic test before diving into in-depth review across all AP Statistics units. In addition to the 6 full-length practice tests in the book, Barron’s includes multiple practice quizzes to help you test your knowledge as you learn and review – perfect for the student who doesn’t have time for a full-length practice test every weekend. 
  • Finally, Barron’s gives you access to an online testing hub where you can take timed online tests that are scored automatically, freeing up your day for more studying and less answer-checking. 

Drawbacks: some reviewers found the chapter-by-chapter organization of this book confusing. 

Buy this book if you: learn best by taking practice tests and enjoy testing your knowledge as you learn material. 

#3 – Consistent Daily Practice 

5 Steps to a 5: AP Statistics 2022 Elite Student Edition

  • Available for $21.71 on Amazon, 5 Steps to a 5: AP Statistics 2022 Elite Student Edition includes 3 full-length practice tests, hundreds of practice problems, and a “self-guided study plan including flashcards, games, and more online.” 
  • The best part of this program is its titular “5 Minutes to a 5” section, which pairs every day of the semester with a review activity that should take about 5 minutes and help you solidify your in-class learning.  
  • 5 Steps to a 5 has a 4.8/5.0 star rating on Amazon. 

Drawbacks: this book is slightly pricier than its counterparts, and to use it most effectively, you have to commit to frequent practice – it is not for the last-minute reviewer!

Buy this book if you: like to solidify your learning in class by reviewing and consolidating what you know as you move throughout the semester. 

#2 – Practice Paired With YouTube

The Ultimate AP Statistics Practice Book

  • $14.70 on Amazon, The Ultimate AP Statistics Practice Book is designed to be worked through alongside comprehensive YouTube videos. This book is like having a tutor at your side as you prepare for the test, and the reviews on Amazon reflect this: “Any student preparing for the exam or a person just curious about statistics can learn a great deal through working with this comprehensive practice book,” one high school student shares. 
  • This book includes 100 problems, each paired with a QR code. Simply scan the code after you’ve solved the problem – or before, if you aren’t sure how to tackle it – and you’ll be taken to a YouTube video explaining the problem in detail. 

Drawbacks: per its very structure, this book requires access to a smartphone/laptop and Wi-Fi or phone data. If you don’t have consistent access to the internet, pick a book with explanations and answers included in the physical text. 

Buy this book if you: are an audio/visual learner who likes to hear and see problems explained step-by-step. 

#1 – The Best Of The Best

The Princeton Review AP Statistics Prep 2022

  • The Princeton Review AP Statistics Prep 2022 costs $17.79 on Amazon. In addition to its comprehensive content review and 4 full-length practice exams, this book has a few unique features that make it our #1 choice.  
  • The Princeton Review offers tips for guessing logically to boost your exam score even when you aren’t sure how to answer a question, provides examples for how to set up box plots and dot plots, and connects you with online access to formulas, reference sheets, and even college preparation advice. 
  • With 36 five-star ratings on Amazon for the 2022 version alone, The Princeton Review AP Statistics Prep 2022 is a safe bet for your exam prep, especially when paired with a dedication to studying diligently for the test!

Drawbacks: this book provides a well-rounded collection of full-length practice exams, cirricumulm, and outside material, but if your preference is for drilling the exam, go with a book like Barron’s that gives you access to double the number of practice tests. 

Buy this book if you: want to learn how to tackle problems logically and organize your AP Statistics exam prep. 

Some Test-Taking Best Practices To Keep In Mind

AP tests change from year to year, and the best place to determine exactly what content will appear on the exam is the College Board website. While these book recommendations are designed with College Board requirements in mind, be sure to include checking out the College Board guidelines as a component of your statistics prep! 

A clear study guide, flashcards, YouTube videos, and organized review materials can all be helpful components of test prep, so be sure to experiment with multiple learning strategies to figure out which methods work best for you. Study groups are another great way to work through challenging content while also making connections with your peers, and visiting your teachers before or after school (or whenever they hold office hours) will not only show them your dedication to performing well in class, but also give you access to their best advice on nailing your exam on test day. 

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