Superscoring can be an important part of improving your overall SAT score when applying to colleges. It gives students the opportunity to become more competitive and achieve the score they desire. In this blog, I will be exploring superscoring, tips on how to use it, and which schools superscore the SAT.

What Is An SAT Superscore?

SAT superscoring allows colleges to use your best section-level scores even if they are from different test dates. This helps students achieve the highest score possible if they took the SAT multiple times and had a score increase in one section but decreased in the other. For example, if you scored a 750 on math and 700 in reading, you would likely focus on your reading/writing before taking your next SAT. If during your next SAT you score a 750 on reading but only a 720 on math because you forgot some concepts, schools would take your highest scores from each section (750+750).

Why Do Colleges Superscore?

Colleges superscore in order to allow students to achieve a higher overall SAT score. This gives students the opportunity to show their strengths and not be confined to one test date. In addition, superscoring gives colleges higher average SAT scores which in turn can help boost their ranking.

Score Choice VS SAT Superscore

Superscoring is different from Score Choice, which allows students to control which set of scores get sent out to the colleges of their choosing. Some schools prefer to see all of your scores as a way to track your improvement throughout the process of testing. However, if a school allows you to Score Choice you have the opportunity to only send in your highest/more desirable scores.

Popular Schools that Superscore SAT

SchoolOfficial StatementWebsite For More Information
Boston University“For both the SAT and ACT, BU uses the highest score of each section, regardless of test date, to best represent you as an applicant.” Boston University is currently test-optional for applicants applying through fall 2025- spring 2026.
Brown University“We do accept Score Choice, and will superscore within both the SAT and ACT.” Brown is also currently remaining test-optional for the 2023-2024 admission cycle.
Columbia University“If you submit results from multiple test sittings, you will be evaluated on the highest score you received in any individual section of that test.” Columbia introduced their test-optional policy in 2020-2021 and continues to uphold it.
Duke University“Duke will consider the highest scores on each section of the SAT, regardless of the test date. SAT with essay and SAT Subject Tests have been discontinued. If you have SAT essay or SAT Subject Test scores, you are welcome to submit them, but they are optional.” Duke was test-optional for the 2022-2023 but it is not clear if they will continue this policy in future admission cycles.
Georgetown University“Georgetown only considers the Critical Reading and Math portions of the SAT, not the Writing section. If an applicant takes the SAT more than once, the admissions committees will consider the highest EBRW (verbal) score and the highest Math score from multiple test sessions when reviewing the application.” All transfer students are required to submit their standardized test scores unless they have been out of highschool for more than 5 years.
Georgia Institute of TechnologyGeorgia Tech evaluates standardized tests by taking your highest section score on Evidence-Based Reading & Writing and Math. They do not evaluate the writing section of the SAT.
Harvard University“If you choose to submit test scores, we will evaluate your application noting the highest test scores in each section across test dates for the SAT.” Harvard is remaining test optional for the 2023-2026 admission cycles.
John Hopkins University“We’ll consider your highest section scores across all SATs taken—even if they were on different test dates—in our evaluation of your application.” They remain test-optional through the 2025-2026 application cycle.
MIT University“If you take the same test multiple times, we will consider the highest score achieved in each section. We do this in order to consider all applicants in their best light.” MIT accepts score choice and does not require the SAT optional essay. They do however currently require the SAT or ACT to be considered for admission.
New York University (NYU)“We will superscore results across multiple test dates for the SAT and ACT.” NYU has extended their test-optional policy for the 2023-2024 admissions cycle.
Princeton University“Princeton will consider the highest individual section results across all sittings of the SAT and the highest composite score for the ACT.” They allow students to use the Score Choice feature and remain test-optional through the 2025 fall application deadline.
Stanford University“For the SAT, we will superscore, focusing on the highest individual Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math scores from all test sitting.” They do not require the optional essay.
University of Chicago“We superscore test scores, meaning that only your best testing results—your highest sub-scores and the best result of the two testing options if you’ve taken both the SAT and ACT— will be considered in the review of your application.” They are test-optional and do not require the SAT essay.
University of Miami (UM)UM superscores both SAT and ACT scores.
University of North Carolina (UNC)“The highest score received on any administration of the same version of the SAT for critical reading will be combined with the highest score received on math.” UNC remains test-optional for students applying for fall 2023 or fall 2024 admission.
University of Pennsylvania (UPENN)“For the SAT, we will combine your highest Evidenced-Based Reading and Writing with your highest Math score across multiple tests to calculate a superscore.” UPENN permits score choice although they encourage students to submit all tests that they have taken. They remain test-optional for the 2023-2024 admissions cycle.
University of Southern California (USC)“For students who take either the SAT or ACT more than once and choose to report their scores, USC records the highest scores for each section of the test, even if achieved in different sittings.” USC is test-optional for first-year applicants.
Vanderbilt University“Only the highest section scores for either the ACT or the SAT will be considered as part of the admissions review process.” The essay portion of the SAT is not required, and Vanderbilt remains test-optional for students applying to enter for fall 2023 or fall 2024.
Yale University“Admissions officers will consider only the highest score for each component of all the SAT or ACT tests that a student has taken.” They do not participate in Score Choice.

Full List Of Colleges That Superscore The SAT

Abilene Christian UniversityAdelphi UniversityAlbany State UniversityAlbion College
Algoma University CollegeAllegheny Wesleyan CollegeAmbrose University CollegeAmerican International College
American University DCAmherst CollegeAndrew CollegeArizona State University
Arkansas State UniversityArmstrong Atlantic State UniversityAuburn University—MontgomeryAugsburg College
Augustana College South DakotaAustin CollegeBabson CollegeBainbridge College
Baker UniversityBall State UniversityBaltimore International CollegeBarclay College
Barnard CollegeBates CollegeBaylor UniversityBelmont Abbey College
Belmont UniversityBenjamin Franklin Institute of TechnologyBerks Technical InstituteBethel College Indiana
Boise State UniversityBoston CollegeBoston UniversityBrandeis University
Brown UniversityCalifornia Polytechnic State University PomonaCalTechCarleton College
Carnegie Mellon UniversityCharleston Southern UniversityClemson UniversityCoastal Carolina University
Colby CollegeColgate UniversityCollege of CharlestonCollege of New Jersey
Colorado State UniversityColumbia UniversityConcordia CollegeCornell University
Dartmouth CollegeDavidson CollegeDePauw UniversityDickinson College
Drake UniversityDrexel UniversityDuke UniversityEastern University
Elon UniversityEmerson CollegeEmory UniversityFairfield University
Flagler CollegeFlorida Atlantic UniversityFlorida Gulf Coast UniversityFlorida State University
Fordham UniversityFranklin and Marshall CollegeGeorge Mason UniversityGeorge Washington University
Georgetown UniversityGeorgia Institute of TechnologyGeorgia Southern UniversityGettysburg College
Gwynedd Mercy UniversityHamilton College (IA and NY)Hanover CollegeHarvard College
Haverford CollegeHawaii Pacific UniversityHigh Point UniversityHofstra University
Howard UniversityIllinois CollegeIndiana State UniversityIthaca College
James Madison UniversityJohns Hopkins UniversityKansas State UniversityKent State University
Kenyon CollegeKing CollegeKings College PennsylvaniaLafayette College
Lehigh UniversityLexington CollegeLiberty UniversityLoyola University of Maryland
Marshall UniversityMassachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)Miami University (Ohio)Middlebury College
Mississippi State UniversityMissouri State UniversityMonroe CollegeMontana State University
Montclair State UniversityMount Holyoke CollegeMuhlenberg CollegeNew England Institute of Technology
New Jersey Institute of TechnologyNew York Institute of TechnologyNew York UniversityNewberry College
North Carolina State University RaleighNortheastern UniversityNorthern Michigan UniversityNorthwest Missouri State University
Northwestern UniversityNorthwestern Polytechnic UniversityOberlin CollegeOhio University 
Oklahoma State UniversityPepperdine UniversityPfeiffer UniversityPomona College
Princeton UniversityProvidence CollegePurdue UniversityQuinnipiac University
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteRice UniversityRider UniversityRider University
Rochester Institute of TechnologyRollins UniversityRowan UniversityRutgers Camden, New Brunswick, and Newark
Saint Joseph’s UniversitySaint Lawrence UniversitySaint Leo UniversitySaint Martin’s University
Saint Thomas UniversitySan Diego State UniversitySan Francisco State UniversitySanta Clara University
Sarah Lawrence CollegeScripps CollegeSeattle UniversitySkidmore College
Smith CollegeSouthwestern UniversitySpringfield CollegeSt. Joseph’s University
Stanford UniversityStevens Institute of TechnologySwarthmore CollegeSyracuse University
Texas Tech UniversityThe King’s CollegeTowson UniversityTufts University
Tulane UniversityUS Air Force AcademyUS Coast Guard AcademyUS Military Academy
US Naval AcademyUniversity of Central FloridaUniversity of Alabama BirminghamUniversity of Arkansas Fayetteville
University of ChicagoUniversity of Colorado BoulderUniversity of ConnecticutUniversity of Delaware
University of FloridaUniversity of GeorgiaUniversity of IdahoUniversity of Iowa
University of MassachusettsUniversity of MiamiUniversity of MichiganUniversity of New Mexico
University of North Carolina Chapel HillUniversity of Notre DameUniversity of PennsylvaniaUniversity of Pittsburgh
University of Rhode IslandUniversity of RichmondUniversity of RochesterUniversity of Scranton
University of South FloridaUniversity of Southern CaliforniaUniversity of TampaUniversity of Tennessee
University of VermontUniversity of VirginiaUniversity of WashingtonVanderbilt University
Vassar CollegeVillanova UniversityVirginia TechWake Forest University
Washington and Lee UniversityWesleyan UniversityWest Chester UniversityWest Virginia University
Whitman CollegeWilliams CollegeWinthrop UniversityYale University

Tips for Applying To Schools That Superscore

Take The SAT Multiple Times

Taking the SAT multiple times is the smartest thing to do when applying to schools that superscore. If superscoring is part of their policy, it will benefit you to take advantage of it! If you score really well in one section but want to improve the other, superscoring will be immensely helpful. You have the opportunity to focus on the section that is giving you trouble without worrying about having to brush up on both sections before your next SAT. Although you can take the SAT as many times as you would like, SoFlo recommends taking it a maximum of three or four times. For more information about retaking the SAT click this link!

Review The Average SAT Scores From The Past Admissions Cycle

Knowing where you stand is important in determining how many times you should take the SAT. Checking average SAT scores from previously admitted students at the college you wish to attend will give you an idea of the score you need to be competitive. Many schools will give the average breakdown scores per section which you can compare to your own score. It is helpful to know if you are a competitive applicant and/or if you need to take the SAT again. The score breakdown can help you determine if there is a certain section that you should focus on.

Carefully Adjust To The Admissions Criteria

Like mentioned above, colleges may provide SAT score breakdowns per section from previous admission cycles. This is extremely helpful especially for colleges that prioritize mastery of a certain subject. For example, many tech schools will prefer or even require that their students meet a certain standard of competence in math. They may require a minimum math score, thus even if you have an SAT score that is considered competitive you may not be admitted if your math score is too low.

Prep For One Section At A Time

It can be difficult to focus on all sections at once while preparing for your next SAT test. It is helpful to break up your studying and focus on one section at a time. If you are looking to superscore, this is a great strategy to use if you do not have a lot of time to prepare or need a big score increase in a certain section. Focusing your energy on one section increases the likelihood of performing better in the given section. Even if you need to improve your score in both sections of the SAT, superscoring gives you the option to focus on one section before each test and then combine your best scores from each test date. If you want more information about studying for your next SAT at home click this link!

Want To Get A Higher SAT Score? Contact Soflo Today For A Free Consultation

Are you looking to improve your SAT score? Do you need specialized tutoring to strengthen your performance in a certain section? SoFlo tutoring may be the perfect place for you. We offer individualized tutoring sessions online and work around your schedule just for your convenience. Our tutors scored in the top percentiles on their SATs and are experienced in helping students achieve the scores they desire. Check out our website for more information and contact us if you have any questions!

Final Thoughts

Superscoring can be extremely beneficial to your college application process. It is in your best interest as a student to research the colleges you plan on applying to for more information on their policy towards superscoring and score choice. In most cases, if a college accepts superscoring this will help you in the long run. Make sure to take the SAT multiple times and focus on the specific sections that need the most improvement!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An SAT Superscore?

An SAT superscore is a process that allows students to combine their highest section scores from different test dates to achieve a higher overall SAT score. Even if it took you multiple tries to achieve your highest combined score, schools will seek to give you the highest composite score across all test dates.

Do Colleges Superscore SAT?

Many colleges superscore the SAT. It is important to check if the colleges you are applying to use superscoring which can be found on this website. This allows you to search for the college of your choice and view their SAT score use policy under the “application requirements” section.

Do All Colleges Superscore?

Not all colleges superscore standardized tests. Although many do, it is important to check each college’s website for application requirements or call the admissions office to confirm their policy on superscoring.

Which Colleges Superscore SAT?

There are a wide range of colleges that superscore the SAT, with some not even considering the writing section as part of the application review.  A comprehensive list of colleges that superscore the SAT can be found above.

Do Ivy Leagues Superscore SAT?

Yes, many Ivy Leagues do superscore the SAT! While most do, it is important to check their admissions website to confirm their specific policy regarding superscoring standardized tests.

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