Is AP Physics Hard? AP Exams

How hard is AP® Physics?

Physics is a notoriously difficult subject, and AP Physics in particular can be intimidating, to say the least. It deals with a lot of unintuitive concepts, formulas with multiple variables, and math that can be difficult if you haven’t taken associated courses. However, if you ...
Is AP English Language Hard? AP Exams

Is AP® English Language Hard?

What is the AP® Lang Exam, how I got a 5, and why it matters — everything you need to know to study for the AP® English Language Exam. “Eminent domain, chicken lo-mein, Eminem’s rap game. What do these three things have in common? They ...
Is AP World History Hard? AP Exams

Is AP® World History Hard?

First, the vast majority of students who take the AP World History Exam are 10th graders, meaning the test is geared towards students who’ve never taken an AP exam before, introducing them to the key concepts of analysis and argumentation instead of the sort of ...

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