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Low SAT Score? Bad Test Taker?

We can help

Low test scores?

Does your child need an SAT/ACT score boost? Are they a bad test taker? Do they struggle to study and stay motivated? 

Most in-person private tutors are outrageously expensive?

Studying for the test in a group class can be distracting and students don't get the personalized attention they need ?

Self-study can be difficult for even the most motivated and bright high schoolers ?

The SoFlo System

Our proven process to raise test scores


Diagnostic Test

Your child will start with a diagnostic test so we can assess their strengths and weaknesses. We will identify their specific issues -- maybe they forgot the slope formula, were confused by a question's wording, or struggled with timing. This 2 hour diagnostic test will pinpoint the problem. We can also help your family decide between SAT & ACT.


Tutoring Sessions

In class we will teach core concepts and tricks of the test. We also review mistakes from the homework and turn those errors into learning opportunities. This SAT/ACT strategy will be taught weekly during a two hour session scheduled at your convenience. Sessions take place over Zoom.


Practice! Practice! Practice!

Our job is also to be coaches who keep students motivated. We assign 2-3 hours of homework per week to ensure students are practicing the test outside of tutoring sessions. Our homework comes from real SAT or ACT tests that we have access to.


See Your Child's Increase

On average SoFlo students improve 110 points after 10 weeks. We are consistently tracking your child's progress with SAT practice tests. Within a short time we'll be able to see measurable improvement in your child's SAT score.

Families Love SoFlo

Do your research and read our reviews. You'll see students improving their test scores, enjoying their sessions, and having better opportunities in the long run.

Ngozi Okaru

Parent, USC

5 Point ACT Increase

"I found SoFlo online and with only 9 sessions my son boosted his score enough to get into USC. My son is a bad test taker, but SoFlo helped him gain confidence." 

Debra Pollock a happy SoFlo SAT mom. Her daughter Sarah was admitted to Princeton University after SoFlo increased her SAT score by 190 points.

Debro Pollock

Parent, Princeton

190 Point SAT Increase

"I wasn't sure about Skype or Zoom tutoring at first, but gave it a try because of my daughter's busy schedule. I'm glad I did. My daughter Sarah improved her SAT 190 points which helped her get into Princeton! I couldn't be happier!"

Why Choose SoFlo Tutors?

Score Increases ?

On average, SoFlo students improve 110 points after only 10 sessions. Our most successful students have improved by 500 points on the SAT and 11 points on the ACT!

1-on-1 Zoom Tutoring ?

Our tutoring is individualized and 1-on-1 over Zoom. We use an online whiteboard to write out our work. Even before COVID, we were online only tutoring, so we've worked out the kinks of remote learning.

Great Reviews ?

Do your research. Families love our work. SoFlo SAT Tutoring has 5 star reviews across the internet on Google, Thumbtack, Facebook, Yelp, and more. 

Exceptional Tutors ?‍?

Our tutors come from top schools like Princeton, crushed the SAT, and are fun to work with. Tutors go through a rigorous hiring and training process.  

About our founder 

Adam Shlomi

  • 800 on SAT Reading
  • 770 on SAT Math
  • 5 Years of Tutoring Experience
  • Graduated from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service
  • Studied Entrepreneurship and International Relations
  • Click to read Adam's story about starting SoFlo while recovering from a shattered ankle
  • Pricing

    How much is all this going to cost me? 

    What else is there in the course that you haven’t explained in your modules above? Even if it’s a regular part of your course, if you haven’t mentioned it at all on your sales page yet, then it’s time to introduce it in this section as a Bonus. If you’re not sure what to put here, then check out our article on 6 great ways that you can increase the perceived value of your online course

    We start at $60/hour. For the same price as an in-person group class you child could have a 1-on-1 SAT Tutor.

    Tell them all about this other great thing that they also get. Maybe it’s access to a members-only facebook group or online forum. If so, tell them about it here!

    Tell them why this bonus feature of your course is going to help them achieve even more than what you’ve already outlined in the modules above. 1-on-1 coaching calls, downloadable workbooks, cheat sheets… whatever it is, mention it in this section.

    No Contracts
    There are no contracts or fees. If you like us you'll use us, but if we aren't the right fit there are no long term obligations. 

    Tell them all about this other great thing that they also get. Maybe it’s access to a members-only facebook group or online forum. If so, tell them about it here!

    Tell them why this bonus feature of your course is going to help them achieve even more than what you’ve already outlined in the modules above. 1-on-1 coaching calls, downloadable workbooks, cheat sheets… whatever it is, mention it in this section.

    easy invoicing
    You will receive an email invoice on the Sunday after your session that is paid with credit card.

    Tell them all about this other great thing that they also get. Maybe it’s access to a members-only facebook group or online forum. If so, tell them about it here!

    Tell them why this bonus feature of your course is going to help them achieve even more than what you’ve already outlined in the modules above. 1-on-1 coaching calls, downloadable workbooks, cheat sheets… whatever it is, mention it in this section.

    Why Pay?

    Save $25,000 over 4 years through the Bright Futures scholarship. Test prep pays for itself when students receive scholarship money. 
    The number one reason students aren't accepted into their dream college is a low SAT score. Let your child pick their school, instead of having the school pick them.
    Future Earnings
    SAT scores indicate future salaries. Invest now in education so your child can earn more money later. Read more here


    Free SAT Textbook

    In this free textbook we share our #1 SoFlo secret for boosting SAT scores.

    SoFlo Ebook Cover Page

    Core tutors offer the best value with the least risk. 1-on-1 tutoring to boost your child's score.


    Our most experienced, in demand tutors book up fast. They are recommended for students who want our most proven tutors.

    • Higher average increases
    • Tutors with a record of success
    • Certified tutors 
    • Complimentary online course
    • All the other benefits of core

    No contracts. If you don't love us, don't pay us.

    Zoom tutoring is not the right fit for everyone. We understand that, so we operate on a no contract basis. You will only use our tutoring if you find it worthwhile. 

    If we aren't the right fit there are no long term obligations or commitments.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Let's talk money. How much do you charge?

    Tutoring starts at $60/hour and we work with families to make SoFlo affordable through our scholarship program. We promise that you will only pay us if you like us. Plus there are no fees or hidden costs for credit cards, curriculum resources, or registration.

    Who are the tutors? 

    The SoFlo Tutors come from backgrounds similar to Adam's. All of our tutors scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT, went to top universities like Princeton, and are fun to work with. We have a competitive application process and then rigorously train our tutors until they are experts at teaching the test. Learn more about the educational backgrounds and teaching experience of our tutors by visiting the Our Tutors page.

    What are your results like with online tutoring?

    On average our students improve 110 points after only 10 sessions. This is the result of their hard work, focused studying, and our valuable tutoring. Our job is to give them a consistent study plan, teach them tricks of the test, and motivate them to stay on track. We have a lot of success motivating students to improve because they can relate to our young tutors. Having someone closer in age who is a mentor as much as a tutor leads to a better dynamic during sessions and larger score improvements. But don't take our word for it, watch what SoFlo parents have to say here. 

    How do you show math work online?

    We use an online whiteboard that allows us to show our work step by step. This whiteboard makes it easy for students to show their mistakes and for us to demonstrate the possible ways to solve a question.

    Do all of your students end up at Ivy League colleges?

    We tutor students from all backgrounds. Everyone is looking to increase their test score. From a great athlete who is hoping to qualify for a D1 scholarship with a 970 to the overachiever who is striving for a perfect 1600 so she can get into Princeton, SoFlo has success with a variety of students.

    What do you think of the college admissions scandal? 

    I am glad that I didn't need to cheat my way into college and instead worked hard to get good grades, have nice internships, and achieve a 99th percentile score. However, my parents worked to get me expert SAT tutoring that helped boost my scores. If I didn't have that privilege I might not be in the position I am today. The college admissions process is in trouble and the anger that arose from Rick Singer, Lori Loughlin, and everyone else evinces a larger societal frustration. I want SoFlo to be part of the solution and the SoFlo SAT Scholarship is a free tutoring guarantee that everyone, regardless of background will have access to the elite test prep needed. 

    What is the differences between online and in person?

    The main differences with online tutoring is convenience. Students are able to learn from their pajamas and can schedule sessions based on their availability. We use all of the same curriculum for our online and in-person tutoring plus the online sessions are 1-on-1 with a live tutor.

    However online tutoring is not for everyone so we offer in-person tutoring as well. It's just more expensive. 

    I don't know if Zoom tutoring will work for my child.

    Zoom isn't for everyone. Some students need an in-person tutor to sit down with them. However, this new generation was raised with Zoom and Facetime. We also have no contracts so we encourage you to try a session or two and then decide if online tutoring is the right fit. 

    You look pretty young. How old are you?

    Our founder Adam is 24 years old. Most of the SoFlo team are college students and recent graduates who crushed the exam, went to top schools, and enjoy teaching students. We see our youth as an advantage when it comes to connecting with high school students

    Can I use FaceTime or Skype instead?

    We aim to please. If you'd prefer to have SAT tutoring on FaceTime or using Skype that is fine with us. FaceTime is the easiest video-call to set up and many students will use FaceTime if they are calling us from an unusual location like during a family vacation where they wouldn't have access to their home computer. 

    I heard you offer free tutoring. Is that true?

    That is correct! Through the SoFlo SAT Scholarship  Program we offer reduced or free SAT tutoringWe promise that money will never stop a student from receiving the tutoring they need. We believe that everyone should have access to high quality test prep so they have an equal opportunity to succeed. College admissions should not be a game won by a select few. In high school, Adam received discounted SAT tutoring which was instrumental in his acceptance to Georgetown. We now pass on the same help he received to the next generation. Parents and students with financial need are encouraged to apply for the SoFlo SAT Scholarship. Apply for the scholarship here.

    What is Georgetown University like?

    Georgetown was a great place to polish myself and prepare for the real world. I learned how to carry myself, give a presentation, send an email, and all the other soft skills that are crucial to success. However Georgetown was also a culture shock, especially coming from an area that is diverse and laid back like South Florida.

    What is the SoFlo tutoring method?

    The SoFlo method is centered around taking authentic SAT practice tests and learning from mistakes. Our tutors are trained to diagnose and explain exactly where students are making mistakes and from there students can improve. 

    Thanks to the SAT Question and Answer service we can offer our students real SAT tests that were administered within the last two year. These tests are the best material to study from because they most accurately represent the SAT students will see on test day. Other companies like to predict or copy the SAT, while we teach directly from real tests.

    From there we identify where students are struggling, whether it be algebra and factoring or grammar rules and semicolons. We then review core-concepts being tested so students are better prepared for their next practice SAT or ACT exam. Practice makes perfect and the best way to improve is to take practice tests and understand the errors that were made.  

    How can I contact you?

    You can call Adam at 954.654.9777 or email him at [email protected] Responses will be prompt. 

    First Class Business in a First Class Way

    I work hard with our team of tutors to ensure that SoFlo is the best test prep option for your family. From our 10% acceptance rate for tutors, to our innovative online curriculum SoFlo is committed to doing first class business in a first class way. I hope you'll give us the chance to see why hundreds of satisfied families have chosen SoFlo.