Meet our sAT tutors

Meet Our SAT Tutors

Young tutors with elite educational backgrounds that are mentors as much as they are teachers. Our tutors are young professionals, grad students, and undergrad students who are masters of college entrance exams, but also capable teachers with years of experience and a gift for connecting with students.

Transparent headshot of SoFlo SAT Tutor John Zarilli from Princeton University where he graduated Magna Cuma Laude with a degree in political science. Now John is at Duke Law School.

John Zarilli

Princeton University

John Zarilli graduated Magna Cum Laude from Princeton University majoring in political science. He then spent a year with Americorps working with at-risk student at Western High School. John now attends Duke Law School.

Education:Princteton University

SAT:800 Reading 770 Math


ACT Prep Tutor Hunter Harrington From Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

Hunter Harrington

Johns Hopkins University

Hunter Harrington is an undergraduate student studying Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Johns Hopkins University. Hunter scored a 35 on the ACT and 1550 on the SAT and was a National Merit Scholarship winner. He then spent two years as a private tutor for college-readiness tests with multiple students throughout South Florida. He has worked with many different types of learners, allowing him to implement a test prep approach that will meet the needs of your student.

Education:Johns Hopkins

SAT:760 Reading 790 Math


SAT Prep Tutor Sofia Darin from the London School of Economics.

Sofia Darsin

London School of Economics

Originally from Argentina, Sofia received her undergraduate degree from University of Florida in Economics and Psychology before beginning grad school at the London School of Economics. Before graduate school, Sofia worked as Americorps member at John I. Leonard High School helping low income seniors who were not on track to graduate earn their reading and math proficiency. Because of Sofia’s work 60 high school seniors were able to graduate with a diploma. In High School, Sofia graduated in the top 10 at Cypress Bay High School and was nominated for a Silver Knight award.

Education:London School of Economics

SAT:720 Reading 730 Math

Sami Sanesi a SoFlo Test Prep expert. Sami is the best SAT Tutor in Broward County

Sami Saniei

Johns Hopkins University

Sami Saniei graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a degree in Public Heath. Sami’s undergraduate research focused on the intersection of urban housing and health crises. Sami scored in the 99.8th percentile on his MCAT and hopes to continue his research when he attends medical school in the fall of 2020.

Education:Johns Hopkins University

SAT:770 Reading 740 Math


ACT Expert Nick Mirsky from the University of Florida

Nick Mirsky

University of Florida Honors

Nick Mirsky graduated Cum Laude from the University of Florida Honors Program and is headed to medical school after scoring in the top 90th percentile on the MCAT. Currently Nick also works as a scribe at Memorial Hospital, where he shadows and learns from emergency room doctors. Nick had a 33 on the ACT and worked a peer mentor for at risk kids before joining SoFlo SAT.

Education:University of Florida Cum Laude



Adam Shlomi the founder of SoFlo SAT Tutoring

Adam Shlomi

Georgetown University

Adam Shlomi founded SoFlo SAT Tutoring with 5 years of SAT/ACT tutoring experience, a Georgetown education, a 1570/1600 on the SAT, and a shattered ankle .

Adam had been living in Washington D.C., but after breaking his ankle while camping with friends in West Virgnia he was forced to return to South Florida for surgery and recovery because of his health care policy. Adam was unable to put any pressure through his leg and his future was in doubt as doctors suggested he might never walk again. Despite the adversity, Adam committed to positive thinking and worked everyday to improve his physical health. At the same time, he began to take SAT tutoring seriously, by building a website, establishing a legal company, and marketing to friends & family. Adam previously worked at College Experts and then later for College Vine, and felt confident in his ability to improve SAT scores and connect with students. Thus SoFlo SAT Tutoring was born. But SoFlo was a part time operation. During the day, Adam worked as a data analyst for a local bank, helping them automate credit models.

Eventually Adam’s ankle began to heal and daily physical therapy became a necessity. The comfortable bank job wasn’t able to fit into Adam’s recovery schedule and he was forced to quit his job and focus his attention on strengthening his leg so that he would be able to walk again. However things happen for a reason and shortly after leaving the bank, word of Adam’s exceptional SAT tutoring began to spread. Students raved to their friends and parents wrote shining reviews. Adam soon had to hire and train tutors to handle the amount of students seeking him out for SAT prep.

Adam worked hard to search for incredibly talented tutors who were fun to work with and knew the SAT exceptionally well. From there he began to train them, imparting all the test tricks he has learned over the years. In order to better train students he also started the SoFlo SAT Scholarship fund so that recent hires would be able to get experience working with real students. This program solved two problems as low income students were able to access SAT tutoring and tutors were able to hone their skills.

Now SoFlo SAT Tutoring works with students across the world and Adam works hard daily to ensure students improve and tutors are receiving exceptional training.

Education:Georgetown University

SAT:800 Reading 770 Math

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