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SoFlo SAT Tutoring is sponsoring TikTokers. You will shout-out SoFlo in sponsored videos and link to our website in your bio. Our top influencer made $2000 in April of 2020.

We are hiring Skype SAT Tutors. Pay is $25 an hour plus bonuses -- solid for a job you can do in your pajamas. We'll train you to be a great tutor and provide all curriculum. We also offer free tutoring to those in need and plant trees in honor of every tutor. If you're an SAT wiz, like teaching, want control of your schedule, and have 10 hours per week free then we want you.

about the partnership

What You'll Do

You'll make exciting videos that plug SoFlo and the great work we do. Our creative team will work with you to think of video ideas. Popular videos have the creator endorsing SoFlo SAT Tutoring, other examples are working through practice problems, or talking about SAT resources. Videos will mention SoFlo as a caption in the thumbnail and be primarily focus on SoFlo. Watch Jess Zhang's TikTok for inspiration. We are happy to work around the aesthetic and vibe of your profile. 

Who We Are

We are exceptional online SAT and ACT tutors that develop a personalized strategy tailored to our students . Our founder Adam Shlomi had an 800 in Reading and 770 in Math on the SAT, went to Georgetown University, and has been tutoring for five years. We also offer free tutoring to those in need -- money shouldn’t stop someone from achieving their dreams.

past successes

We have worked with many influencers but the man we love most of all is Jeff Lowe. For two weeks during 'Rona season Tiger King was the hottest thing in America and SoFlo took advantage. We got Jeff Lowe to come on camera and bump our tutoring. We posted this video as our first ever TikTok and got 50k views. Which at the time was the most viewed video on TikTok by a tutoring company. 


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