[Video] Q2: Which choice best describes the developmental pattern of the passage?

Answer Choices

  • A careful analysis of a traditional practice

  • A detailed depiction of a meaningful encounter

  • A definitive response to a series of questions

  • A cheerful recounting of an amusing anecdote

Explanation for Question 2 From the Reading Section on the Official Sat Practice Test 1

Okay. So number two says which choice best describes the developmental pattern of the 2 passage. AKA, basically, how do we start? 3 How do we end up? Like, what is the, um, 4 how has the passage developed? How do we like get from one paragraph to 5 the next, to the next to the next right? I mean, so what happens 6 here? This whole passage is just like a really in-depth explanation of 7 the time where, uh, 8 Kira asks, uh, Naomi and chai to essentially enter 9 their family and get married to Naomi. So it's a very, 10 very detailed explanation of the entire situation, 11 the entire way that it went down. Right. We start from, 12 um, it was a winter's Eve. 13 He was outside their house. He showed his name card. 14 He went up to them, he went inside. Right. It's very, very detailed. 15 It's not like we're talking about like a whole week of events. 16 We're talking about like a single event. Right. So, 17 um, is it a careful analysis, nutritional practice? Is it a detailed depiction of 18 a meaningful encounter is a definitive response to a series of questions or is 19 it so first of all, there's no series of questions. 20 There's only one question being asked, right? So it's not C, 21 is it a cheerful recontouring of an amusing anecdote? 22 It's not really cheerful either. It's like the mother kind of acts in a 23 very surprised way. Um, so I wouldn't call that cheerful a careful analysis 24 of a traditional practice. Well, yes, 25 it's a traditional practice of getting married, ...

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