[Video] Q1: Which choice best describes what happens in the passage?

Answer Choices

  • One character argues with another character who intrudes on her home.

  • One character receives a surprising request from another character.

  • One character reminisces about choices she has made over the years.

  • One character criticizes another character for pursuing an unexpected course of action.

Explanation for Question 1 From the Reading Section on the Official Sat Practice Test 1

Okay. So we have our first question. 2 The first question is basically a main idea question as always. 3 Um, and so you kind of know how to answer the question already, 4 because guess what, we are already kind of read through the passage really well, 5 really deeply. We wrote down the main ideas of each paragraph. 6 We know that it's entire passage about basically how a Kira comes 7 to Naomi's house in Chuy's house and tries to seek the approval of Naomi's 8 mother via, you know, Japanese tradition, 9 um, to be able to marry her. And he does it in a kind 10 of unconventional way because he doesn't like go through other people. 11 He doesn't kind of go through the traditional way or, 12 or like Japanese tradition way that you should do it. 13 So, um, let's see what options we have here in terms of what happens 14 in this passage. 15 A one character argues with another character who intrudes on her home. 16 That's not the purpose of the passage, right? The purpose of the passage is 17 him asking, um, 18 Naomi to get married or him asking chai that 19 he wants to marry his daughter. Uh, 20 her daughter tried daughter, um, B one care to resize receives a surprising 21 request from another character. That is totally what happens, 22 right? That's exactly what happens. One character, 23 AK China, yummy. You can even say, 24 just try receives a request that surprising the request of a Kira wanting to 25 marry her daughter. Um, 26 and so she's receiving that from another character a...

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