Formatting Guidelines.

Hello editor or video uploader, this brief series of instructions will guide you through labeling question explanations on Loom. Since the videos on Loom are programmatically mapped to SoFlo's website, writing structured data is essential. Don't worry; it's easier than it sounds!


when it comes to labeling a video, two parts need to be taken care of: the title and the description.


Make sure to include the question number in the title. The format should be:
Q number or Question number. You can add the section and test number if you want, but that's not required. Valid examples:

  • Sat march 2020 Section 2 Question 14
  • Test 1 Q3
  • Q3

If the video covers more than two questions simultaneously, include all the question numbers with a separator. Valid examples:

  • Sat march 2020 Section 2 Question 14 Question 16
  • Test 1 Q3/Q4
  • Q3/Q4

Incorrect examples:

  • Q3/4 each question number should be preceded by an identifier: Q or Question. 3 has an identifier, but 4 doesn't
  • Test 1 Question 3/4 same reason as the prev example


The description should contain the question prompt preceded by a p: identifier. Descriptions should be p: question prompt. example:

  • p: what is the main point of the passage
  • p: in line 5, the author uses "state" to indicate

math questions: try to write math symbols to the best of your ability. For example, If presented with a square root expression, you can write it as p: what is the value of sqrt(x)

writing questions: If there is no question prompt, enter the answer choices instead preceded by a: identifier. Separate each answer choice by a semicolon(;) and a new line. for example, suppose the answer choices for a writing question are:
A) NO CHANGE B) healthy, and more C) healthier, and they are D) healthier, being more

The description should bea: NO CHANGE;healthy, and more;healthier, and they are;healthier, being more;

If you'd like to include other information in the description like a note to the editor, you must precede your info by a d:


if you're uploading a video under a non existing section, then create folder on loom with the section number. Section formating is important. You can name the folder one of four options:

  • Section 1
  • Section 2
  • Section 3
  • Section 4

No other option is permissble.


If you're uploading a video under a nonexisting test, create a Loom folder with the corresponding name. This name will appear on our SoFlo website, as highlighted below.test name example

General Notes

Capitalization and spacing are not important. for example Section 1, section 1 and section1 are all permissible.