1 Dollar SAT/ACT Tutoring Trial Session


  • The first trial session is $1 for 1 hour to see if SoFlo is a good fit
  • 1-on-1 tutoring over Zoom using a digital whiteboard and writing tablet
  • Tutors are SAT/ACT experts who scored in the top 1% of the exam
  • Free Diagnostic Test to identify your child’s weaknesses
  • Curriculum teaches core concepts and tricks for both Reading and Math
  • 214 five star reviews from happy families
  • Flexible scheduling. Pick a time that works for your family.
  • No contracts or long term commitments so there is no risk
  • No homework fees, credit card fees, or diagnostic fees.
  • After the trial tutoring is $60/hour
  • For future payment, you will receive an email invoice on the Sunday following sessions that is paid with credit card.

For only $1, try out SoFlo Tutors. Our best deal ever! We’ll start by giving your child a free diagnostic test, then in this $1 for 1-hour trial session, a tutor will review the exam page by page with your student so we can understand what they are like as a test taker. This trial session is a chance for us to feel out the student, but also a chance for the student to make sure they are comfortable with their tutor because student-tutor chemistry is crucial to success. After this trial session, students can continue studying at the reasonable rate of $60/hour. Plus there are no contracts or long-term commitments so families can have as many or as few sessions as they please.

How SoFlo Works 

We have a proven 3 step process for raising SAT/ACT scores

Step 1) Diagnostic Test

Students will start with a diagnostic test so we can assess their strengths and weaknesses before starting SAT/ACT test prep. We will identify their specific issues — maybe they’re forgetting the slope formula, confused by the question wording, or struggle with timing. This 2 hour diagnostic test will help us pinpoint the problem. 

Step 2) Tutoring Sessions

We will create a unique SAT tutoring strategy centered around your child that teaches the core concepts and tricks of the test. We also ensure there is student-tutor chemistry. If your child likes their tutor, they will be more likely to pay attention, more likely to do their homework, and more likely to increase their score. This SAT test prep strategy is applied weekly during a two-hour Zoom session scheduled at your most convenient time. 

Step 3) Practice! Practice! Practice!

We assign 1-2 hours of homework per week to ensure students are practicing the test outside of tutoring sessions. During tutoring sessions we will turn the mistakes from homework into learning opportunities. Studying is like going to the gym: if you put in the work, you will get strong.

Hear from SoFlo Families

Emily Greenberg

Parent, Univ. of Michigan

230 Point SAT Increase

1490 SAT Score

SoFlo was able to inspire my son Matthew to work hard in a way I didn't think was possible. I looked hard for an SAT tutor and am glad I found SoFlo.

Avi Dahan

Student, Univ. of Florida

6 Point ACT Increase

32 ACT

SoFlo Tutors is by far the best tutoring service I’ve come across. They’re not there to just take your money and give you a standard packet of practice questions; tutoring plans were tailored to my strengths. SoFlo's online ACT prep helped me raise my ACT score by 6 points to a 32 which got me into UF. 

Debra Pollock

Parent, Princeton Univ.

190 Point SAT Increase

1560 SAT Score

I wasn't sure about Skype or Zoom tutoring at first, but gave it a try because of my daughter's busy schedule. I'm glad I did. My daughter Sarah improved her SAT 190 points which helped her get into Princeton! I couldn't be happier! 

What Makes SoFlo Special?

Smart Tutors

We don't use any pre-made online SAT/ACT prep courses. All tutoring sessions are with a young, engaging, ivy-league tutor who is focused on your child. Learn more about our tutors.  

Real Results

On average, students improve 110 points after 10 sessions. The SoFlo SAT/ACT prep method gives individualized attention to each student so they can reach their full potential. 

Flexible Schedule

Most students meet after-school and on weekends. Students can Zoom into sessions from their pajamas and schedule lessons around their packed calendar


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How can I contact you?

For only $1, try out SoFlo Tutors in a 1 hour trial session. Our best deal ever! After this trial session, students can continue studying at the reasonable rate of $60/hour. Plus there are no contracts or long-term commitments so families can have as many or as few sessions as they please. We also have a free diagnostic test, no credit card fees, and no homework fees. You will only pay us if you like us. 

After purchasing the $1 session you will receive an email to complete an intake form so we can learn more about your child’s goals and send you the diagnostic test. The intake form takes about 8 minutes to complete and will help us get you started ASAP. Because your child is taking the real exam with pencil and paper, we want them to do all their practice with pencil and paper. So ideally, you will print out the diagnostic test and your student will take the diagnostic at the kitchen table while following the time limits. No need to send the test back. Your tutor will reach out shortly to introduce themselves and schedule an initial session. We will score and review the diagnostic during that first session. After the first session, we suggest but do not require that students meet with their tutor once a week for 2 hours and complete 2 hours of homework. Studying is like going to the gym. If you put in the work, you will get strong. After the trial session, tutoring is $60/hour and there are no contracts or long-term commitments. You will receive an email invoice on Sundays following sessions that is paid with credit card.

Rather than pay a commission to salesperson, we want to give you chance to try out SoFlo risk free and see for yourself if SoFlo is the right fit for your family. So we’ve created a self service option to start tutoring for $1 and see if the SoFlo method is a good match. If you want to speak with a friendly educational expert you can schedule a free consultation call here