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SoFlo's Method to Raise Your Child's SAT/ACT Score

What will we cover on this free consultation call?

This call is a chance for you to freely ask all the questions you have and get more information about our program! We will also cover need to know topics like SAT vs ACT, Super Scoring, and choosing the right timeline for studying. 

  • SoFlo's 3 Step System: We have a proven 3 step system to raise test scores. Learn why this process has been so successful. 
  • SAT vs ACT: The two exams are different, but colleges don't have a preference for one exam over the other. We want to choose the test your child has more potential on and then focus entirely on that exam. We can help your family figure out which exam is right for your child.
  • Score Choice and Super Scoring: Have you heard these terms? Students choose which scores they report to colleges. Plus, colleges will cherry pick students highest SAT scores regardless of test date.
  • Study Timeline: We will understand your families unique situation and suggest when your child should begin studying for the exam to get maximum value out of tutoring sessions. 

My daughter Sarah improved her SAT 190 points which helped her get into Princeton! I couldn't be happier! 

Her tutor Stacie was an excellent fit who took the time to understand my daughter's struggles and turn her mistakes into learning opportunities.

Debra Pollock

Parent, Princeton University

Debra Pollock a happy SoFlo SAT mom. Her daughter Sarah was admitted to Princeton University after SoFlo increased her SAT score by 190 points.